Not able to debug the on change event of checkbox

Hi Everyone, 

   When i am clicking on the check box(changing the check box value) the debugger is not going into the on change event of check box its directly going into the page load event, so i am not able to execute the code of on change event.


Rajendra Singh

Hmm, weird. Can you share an .OML with this behavior so I can take a look?

Hay samycode, 

                        In other application i am not getting such issues, so i cant create a application with such behavior, its old application and i am customizing some pages, let me explain bit more,  when i am using the ajax submit method of any button  the button click action is not getting called, and its not a good approach to use the submit.


Rajendra Singh

Hi Rajendra koranga,

check my solution.


Luís Pereira