Hi I have a problem with one of the applications I'm currently developing.

I'm having problems with one of the user that I have created with the application. After the user was created as inactive I can't modify the user with the developed application, user management web apps or development environment.

Every time I get the following error; [OSDEV2].DBO.[OSSYS_USER_T9] with key 0 was not found

I'm sure that I sent all the required fields in the creation of the user.

This is rare because it happened with just one user after creating more than 20 users. 

Any help please


Hi Domingo,

It seems that this account has been created in a different tenant and you are trying to update it in Tenant with ID 9. The systems can't find the user account in this tenant.

You can try to create an aggregate where you select the user accounts including all details and filter on the user you want to change. Check the TenantId of this user, you might need to change the entity to expose the TenantId (Data > Entity > (System) > User > More... > Advanced > Show Tenant Identifier)

When you know which tenantId is in the user, you can switch the tenant or update the tenantId of the user.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga