New Community site improvements [Oct 2016]

Dear community,

I’d like to announce that we fixed a bunch of issues and ideas that you identified in the New Community - Feedback forum.

This is an example of our continued effort to make your community a special place for you to visit and get support.

Here are the topics:

  1. Back button went back to default tab instead of going back to unanswered questions

  2. The URL redirects to the topic instead of the new post when replying and editing a post

  3. Double page reload/redraw

  4. Disappearing toolbar icons on Reply

  5. New notification mail is missing link to the post

  6. Different community scores

  7. Forums Search - issue with last reply date: 'Replied on'

So, keep on sharing your vision and opinion about our community.Clichés aside, together, we can build something stronger.

Ana Sequeira

Hi Ana,

Nice to see and also an incentive for more.

Regarding the Community Scores, indeed they now match, however the values are definitely not okay. It's easy to verify: I have a bit more than 1600 Forums score points while OutSystems Labs has close to 900 with just 8 posts... I have more than 500 posts...

Forge score doesn't seem correct either...



Hi Tiago

We'll have to check it! Thanks for the highlight!


Hi Tiago,

can you please take a look again to your score? We made some improvements and I'd like to check with you if everything is fine now!

Hi Ana,

Not being picky or anything... but I believe there are still some issues. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of historic records to analyze.

Anyways, I would say I detect:

  • Training Score - I definitely have less points now than before. Might be related with all the revamped learning section, with some older videos being taken out, it seems I lost the points related to those.
  • New Members - I see some new people with nothing more than a few posts sky rocketing to the first 200 or similar. I can try yo post some examples here whenever I notice them.
  • Forge Score - haven't yet understood how this is being calculated. When someone joins a component's team they get all the points associated with that? They only accumulate points from that date onwards? How are the points divided between them... equally? There are several components where some people did not contribute much or really just left the efforts to somebody else - I guess that's something OS can't control... but would be nice to have the details on how this Forge Score actually works.

I'm not upset, but I do understand some people have been affected on their score significantly and that hurts a bit when they actually have been a real added value for all the community.



Hi Tiago, 

First of all, thank you for your feedback. You can find your questions addressed below:

Regarding you losing score, we spoke with other users (that high scores on the old training) and they didn’t see any impact. Do you know how many points you lost? We would like to look further into this. 

Regarding new members having high scores very quickly, that’s because of their training score. You are mentioning the case in this thread, correct? These users are investing highly on their online courses, and that gains them more points. 

You are right about the lack of clarity around scores in Forge - and we’re taking this opportunity to improve that :) We’re updating the score on the page, but I’ll post it here as well:

Component Publication 20 - this means every time someone publishes a component in the Forge (first publication, not updates) they will receive 20 points.

Version Publication 10 - this means that the user responsible for updating the component version will receive 10 points. 

Component DI 1 - everyone someone downloads one component, all members of the team (so first publisher and contributors) will each receive 1 point.

Star Rating feedback -2 to +2 - this means that, for each individual rating, all team members will receive 2 points (if the rating is 5), or lose 2 points (if the rating is 1).

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi Ana,

Thanks for the details, it certainly improves transparency over the process. It's a step in the right direction.

I certainly did notice some strange rankings for users without much posts/ideas/components and it could well be a good Training score hidden.

About the loss of points in Training score that I noticed on my own profile, let me put this in perspective: this goes way back to over a year... it was probably in the beginnings of 2016. Can't remember really, but pretty sure it did happen. Maybe my score was wrong before... all I know is that it changed all of a sudden. Didn't care too much because I knew you were changing stuff behind the scenes.

I'll keep sharing any unusual facts.



OK Tiago, thank you for challenging us to do a better work. 

Keep it going!