New Community site improvements [Oct 2016]

New Community site improvements [Oct 2016]


Dear community,

I’d like to announce that we fixed a bunch of issues and ideas that you identified in the New Community - Feedback forum.

This is an example of our continued effort to make your community a special place for you to visit and get support.

Here are the topics:

  1. Back button went back to default tab instead of going back to unanswered questions

  2. The URL redirects to the topic instead of the new post when replying and editing a post

  3. Double page reload/redraw

  4. Disappearing toolbar icons on Reply

  5. New notification mail is missing link to the post

  6. Different community scores

  7. Forums Search - issue with last reply date: 'Replied on'

So, keep on sharing your vision and opinion about our community.Clichés aside, together, we can build something stronger.

Ana Sequeira

Hi Ana,

Nice to see and also an incentive for more.

Regarding the Community Scores, indeed they now match, however the values are definitely not okay. It's easy to verify: I have a bit more than 1600 Forums score points while OutSystems Labs has close to 900 with just 8 posts... I have more than 500 posts...

Forge score doesn't seem correct either...



Hi Tiago

We'll have to check it! Thanks for the highlight!