Table Records Hide Column Performance Issue


I'm looking for some help regarding a page of mine.

Basically, my page is a Table with 8 columns where one of those columns is a fairly heavy web block.

I want an option to hide or show 2 of those columns (which i implemented by using extended properties with a boolean) but I don't want to refresh the web block column each time as it takes 5+ seconds.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Hi Afonso,

Have you tried to break it down into several smaller web blocks, one per line, for example? This is not always the best approach, but with the proper design (a small number of listed records in your table, using Cache In Minutes, or even Lazy Loading techniques) you might get it running nicely.

Another approach could be generating the data of your web blocks asynchronously and persisting the results on an Entity so that when the end-user loads your table everything on that web block is already available to be displayed.


Hi, thanks for replying, if I understood what you meant my solution is already implemented in the way you describe in your first paragraph, meaning each web block is a field on the record.

The second suggestion is actually something I already discussed with a co-worker and probably the best approach since I understand now there's no purely visual approach.


Just a note Afonso, the Lazy Loading technique is a visual approach since it displays each web block after the page loads.

Lastly, if you're using Lifetime Analytics, you may be able to breakdown the slow performance between client, network and server-side causes, which can further help you to determine what to improve (e.g. your web block's server side logic, or some other client-side scripting that is delaying its display).