Google Apps or Yubikey authentication

Google Apps or Yubikey authentication


Hi there,

We use Google to authenticate our users in our other applications (and let Google deal with two-factor-auth).

It would be great if we could also authenticate our Outsystems apps with Google.

Beyond a few links and forge things I found, is there anyone who has a guide to putting this together beyond just a prototype or proof of concept?

Alternatively, we are considering using something like Yubikey or Authy.

Again, I've seen the few prototypes in the forge, but I'm looking for an actual guide to implement this.  I don't really have the resources to spend weeks learning about hand building oauth/saml.  

The Outsystems sales engineer I spoke with a few months ago said they auth with google internally and it is well supported.  Is that available to Personal Environment people?

Thank you,


Hi David!

I don't know about Yubikey or Authy, but quickly scanning Authy's web-site I see they offer REST APIs which I believe means that you can easily bring it in.

As far as Google is concerned - I suggest you have a look at this component



I did Yubikey, it took me about 5 minutes to integrate. It was VERY simple.


That's great Justin,

I've got one arriving in a few days so I'll play around with it.  

Did you use the full Yubikey or the barebones Yubi FIDO U2F Security Key.

The reason I ask is if I can get away with giving our users the less expensive U2F, that'd be great.


Don't know which one I used, their product lineup has changed since then, but it was the bottom end model, just plug it into USB and push the button. they were $25 each when we bought 20 or 30 of them at a time.