Foreign Module Error / Manage Applications disappeared

Please help.

My "Manage Applications" option does not appear on my screen  and I don't want to start all over by creating a new application every time I log in. I then registered as a new user, but after uploading and logging out yesterday I have the same problem logging in as the new user  today . . .

However, I do open my saved ToDo.oml file from my computer, but get this error when I want to upload my work. 

Foreign Module Error.  Your OutSystems subscription only allows publishing modules developed in your environment, or downloaded from the OutSystems Forge. To share this module with the community, upload it at

Outsystems seems to get confused with my two usernames / two Personal Environments and ToDo.oml files.

Please help

Hi Willem,

There is indeed something going on with your account as I've also seen your other topic. Please contact directly for help.