Extracting HTML quotes from RSS Feed

i have a use case where i have to read the source which is an RSS Feed(XML) and take that information massage it and represent it in a new format... now the problem is the information is coming with HTML codes example <TD><TR> and all that i want to break it up and extract the information from it ... is there any component on forge that cn help me do it? i have tried our resfultwebservices and JSON components..

First of all, why you need to strip the html?

you can place them as is on your page with your won formatting.

if you need to store the data in your database the you probably want to extract the text...

A simple xpath could be done, or just a simple replace of tags if the feed is not that big.

and better yet, ask the rss feed to strip the formatting, because it's rss.

you decide how to format the data, not the rss-provider..

The "HtmlUtils" extension has what you want.