[P10] How to remove app logo?


If you have an app with a logo, how to remove it so you just use one of the colors available and the app name initials?

Hi Carlos,

We haven't add that feature because we thought that wouldn't be a frequent operation.

You can still achieve that in 2 different ways:

- (1) Create another app, (2) move you modules to the new app and (3) delete the old App.
- (1) Create another app, (2) download the logo (in service center or so), (3) add the logo to your app, (4) and delete the new App.

best regards,


Hi Hélio.

Thanks for the feedback.

That's what I thought.

Until P10 we had to upload a logo to have something, but now some internal or auxiliary apps could have a simple and fast logo with just a color and initials. 


We will review this experience in the future for sure.
This kind of feedback is really important for us.