Menu in Landscape Mode is fixed

As I understand the default of the theme is to set the menu fixed in landscape mode, not toggling it, and I wanted to change this.

I have tried looking at the css to change it with the transform properties to -95%, and managed to hide the menu bar for the landscape mode, but then I cannot open it (even changed the display for the burger icon, but i guess it opens the menu and it remains hidden)

Can someone help me with this, i.e. with an easy way to just put the menu working in the landscape mode exactly as it works on portrait?

Thank you in advance,

Nuno Lopes

Hi Nuno,

Are you using SilkUI?

There is no easy way other than inspect the css, or create new css classes based on the previous ones.

Time consuming task that one, i would rename the classes and keep their original properties.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply!

Yes I am using SilkUI, the tablet version in P10. I would think there would be a easier way, I spent a few hours trying to do that, but all I managed to do was make it disappear entirely in landscape mode, and not even by clicking in the burger icon it would reapper again.

I could just keep it and shorten its width, but there's also the issue that I have some dropdown boxes in some of the screens, and when you click on the dropdown in landscape mode you don't see any of the options because it opens on the left side of the screen, i.e., it's hidden behind the fixed menu... Quite annoying.