Bug in action textellipsis?


When I use the action 'TextEllipsis' from the SilkUIFramework I get less characters than I expect.

Using TextEllipsis("Audi A3 SB 1.4TFSI Ambiente PL+ Aut", 12) yields "Audi A3..." which is 10 characters long (2 chars short).

Similarly with longer strings, they are all 2 characters short. Is this normal? I expected to get a string of 12 not 10.

Using Java stack with platform version 9.1.603.0



Hi Laurens,

Good catch:

Don't know the reason for the substring of 5 characters, if then it adds the 3 chars ('...'), seems an awkward implementation/bug. 

My suggestion is to copy paste this code to one of your application eSpaces / framework and adapt it.

Hope it helps you.

To submit a bug please use the forge:

Team will be automatic notified, and your feedback will receive more attention to users that follow that forge component.


Thank you!

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I think I'll just copy the relevant code to my own action. Mostly I was wondering whether this was a real bug or me not understanding the intended function of the action.

Also I was unaware of the proper place to file a bug, so thanks again for this :)