HI All,

Can someone please help me with errors from my webservice? We build an application that should retrieve information For Each record I submit. Unfortunately I receive an error because of to many requests and the action just continues for the next record.

Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.SecurityFault: Request Overflow! To many request. Max 20 per second.
   at WSE3Request.checkRequest(String requestMethod, Int32 webserviceID)
   at CIR.searchByDate(DateTime date, String court, String[] pubType)

How can I make the 'for each' or action 'wait' for a response or slow down the request?

Thank you in advance.

The Sleep component in the Forge should be able to do this for you. Here's the link - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1244/sleep/

Hope this helps,


thx for the reply. Is there also a component for platform version 9?

When you click on that link, click on the Versions tab at the far right.  The last one listed is a 9.0 version..

Thanks for the reply Curt, unfortunately we are still on

Any thoughts? 


It's not that hard to make an extension for 9.0

unfortunately I have no 9.0 here, so cannot make it myself.

otherwise, make a simple action that starts with a startdate

with an if that checks on diffseconds on the startdate.

if > 2 seconds, continue, otherwise goto if again.

Imho, delays are BAD, but for a quick workaround it's ok I guess.

Tbh, you should ask the webservice to be able to retriev data based on a list of id's, so you don;t have to do a for-each.