I'm trying to replace the standard icons shown in the 4 types of feedback_messages in the RichWidget module.

I already restyled the colors, but I was not able to replace the fixed images without having to write a javascriptlet to interfere with the DOM-tree.

So does anybody has a good tip how I can manage this?

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

Either you have two options, clone richwidget espace and start your own version, or as you suggested changing the image src via jquery, please find here an example.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards, 

Daniel Martins

You should indeed clone the richwidgets espace and make your own version.


Hi Peter,

It's also possible to do it using just CSS. For instance, to change the icon for Warning messages you could use this css:

.Feedback_Message_Warning > img {
    content: url("https://yourapp/yourimage.png");