Hi All,

I have Version 8 of the platform server on a personal cloud (community license). Recently I decided to use SSL for my entire site. The system automatically redirects and https:// requests to https://. THe only issue is that the status code is 302 and I'm concerned that my SEO is being negatively affected by not being a 301. Can someone send me an example (screenshot) of how to make all this happen with a 301 status code instead?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Julius,

I don't think this is possible within the platform in a simple way.

You could try to set the HTTP Security to none and check in the System Event OnBeginWebRequest if the source is HTTP and then redirect to a redirect page where you create the 301 header in the preparation and end the preparation with a download action to do the actual redirect with the 301.

See the attached OML on how to implement this.

Check the Actions > OnBeginWebRequest for the details.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga