Hi all, I'm a newbie using SOAP and need some help :-)

I've managed to do a SOAP request bij assigning the API credentials (in the Assign) and calling the api.

The resultlist is displayed as shown beneath, and I've added a List_Navigation.

When I run my app, the navigation list is refreshed but the data records don't. The screen action executed contains a refresh of the container, but I presume I have to refresh the data somehow !? When using an aggregate, no problem, but what to do with the result of a SOAP call???


Hi Charles,

There's no difference between using list navigation for aggregate data or a REST call data.

If your table records is not being refreshed, it's possible that you've forgotten to change its "Start Index" property to use the "List_Navigation_GetStartIndex" function.


You're absolutely right Aurelio, I forgot to define the Start Index .... the result of using the scaffolding options to much as a newbie, and thus forgetting the lessons learned :-)

Thanx for helping me out and have a nice weekend.