Not able to create drop downs and access values

Hi all,

I have one table as "ProductFamily" which comes from another eSpace. Using this table, I am creating one drop down.

Source record list provided is list created through aggregate of "ProductFamily" entity. Source attribute provided is "Code" from that entity.

Now when it comes to variable, it gives warning that "ProductFamily Identifier" data type required.

I created one local variable of "ProductFamilyId" and assigned it to variable of combo box.

Now I want to store this drop down value in another table and that table is being accessed through extension but I am not able to create new record.

Please advice what I am doing wrong.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

What exactly do you mean by "I am not able to create new record"? Does it give you any error message when you try to create the new record?