[Silk UI Web] using a textarea gives a glitch when editing in a from

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Published on 09:06 (6 hours ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 09:06 (6 hours ago) by OutSystems R&D


check this out.

when getting the focus in the textarea, the size is changed.

when tabbing out again, it's resized back to original.

This is very annoying visually.


When the input isn't on focus he has a css class called "ReadOnly", when on focus he remove that class. Seems to be a if statement to define css classes to apply.

I can only report having the same issue (P10).

It has something to do with spacing between lines styles.

Hello J and Tiago Neves, 

There here goes a quick fix to solve your issue: 

.Form textarea:focus {
     line-height: 30px;

Best Regards, 

José Rosário

Thanks, but I hope it's getting fixed properly in silkUI :)


I have a same problem and this solution:

.Form textarea:focus {
     line-height: 30px;

is not resolved this issue.

Another ideas?

Thanks, Irina