Error in publishing espace when using extension developed in java


When I publish my extension J2EE on my Server a warning appears but in the end it says that my extension was succesfully published.

I developed my extension in java.

I am using outsystems personal environment 9.1 to publish my espace.

"Extension 'Application Server Type' property (J2EE) does not match OutSystems PlatformApplication server  (.NET)"

And Im facing a problem when trying to publish my eSpace that is using an extension created by me in J2EE.

Internal Error
Compilation Error.
referencesProxy\Extension_Calculate_proxy.cs(27,29): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'NssCalculate' does not exist in the namespace 'OutSystems' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
protected static OutSystems.NssCalculate.IssCalculate issCalculate =(OutSystems.NssCalculate.IssCalculate)new OutSystems.NssCalculate.CssCalculate();

State: Build References Proxy

Internal Error
Compilation Error.
error CS0006: Metadata file '.\bin\CalculateExtnReferencesProxy.dll' could not be found

State: Second stage compilation


Hi Greeshma,

The personal environments are .NET stack so extensions developed in "J2EE only" won't work there.

João Rosado