Performance issue - Long Multiple List Box

Performance issue - Long Multiple List Box


Hi everyone,

I want to mimic something similar to email client, like the image below:

I am using List Box with Multiple Selection and it works fine... but this is on a short list. My problem is performance wise - I will have to deal with a list of more than 10,000 contacts. What's the best way to achieve a fast response UI with this?




Autocomplete with 10.000 records wouldn't be slow right? Or is it data from service?

Like J suggested start from char 3 an option?

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Limit the number of results, for example maximum of 20 (Site property). If the user can't find what he want he must continue writing the contact name

Thanks for the tips.

I changed some things and basically have the same as in Outlook. Besides Send button, when clicking To, Cc, Bcc a pop-up opens to perform that search/select logic. Performance is good this way.