Preview in Devices for Mobile Apps

Is there a difference between running a mobile app in PreviewInDevices view compared to full screen?

I have noticed a few little differences, such as theapp does not have the same response to links and menu selections..

Do all the mobile patterns work in web/desktop mode and vice versa?



Hi Robbie,

Running in PreviewInDevices will have different behaviors. This is because mobile browsers handles few things differently(like swipe gestures, etc.), so running the application in the PreviewInDevices mode simulates the application behavior to how it is going to behave in a mobile browser.



I understand that, but is there a way simulate the application, but in full screen mode?

After all, they still both running inside the same browser...

I don't think you can do directly.

What PreviewInDevices does is it renders the applications' html at a different location, projects the Mobile browser behavior to Desktop browser rendering method and put it in an iframe. 

Take a look at this post at stack overflow, it may help you in achieving what you want:

It mentions the use of the following plugin for what you want to achieve: