How do you scale an outsystems platforn on amazon AWS?

Here you can see how easy it is to deploy and scale a .NET app on Amazon Beanstalk.

But what about outsystems .NET platform? How do you scale an outsystems platform on amazon AWS?


Hi Robert,

You need to navigate to the infrastructure management console (Lifetime), go to "Environments", select your Production environment menu, and choose 'Add Server'. That's it! More info on this article.



I think that the question is more like "how do we make this happen automatically?"

For example, if we bring a server online through AWS, how do we monitor that it has retrieved and deployed the updated eSpaces from the deployment controller, so we can make sure it does not get added to the load balancer until it is ready? How do we automatically add it to the front end server list? Another similar question, of course, is deployment controller redundancy, which is currently a mess.


Justin James, somehow you always know what I want! you are right... How to scale outsystems easily and automatically like beanstalk. One click deployment to beanstalk is cool. 

Something along the lines of.... Setup outsystems on EC2, then create a custom AMI, then launch multiple copies of the custom Ami via beanstalk? Etc

Sorry to bump this thread after year, but has anyone got any further with this, perhaps using AWS Cloud Formation rather than Elastic Beanstalk?  

Does anyone have a Cloud Formation YAML template to host Outsystems with the pre-install configuration changes, Outsystems platform server install etc?

Anyone interested in working to develop one with me?  A one-click OS platform launch.