Offline improvements: Generation of data synchronization actions and new samples!

Offline improvements: Generation of data synchronization actions and new samples!


Dear all,

With OutSystems 10 you can build great offline-ready mobile apps. The ability to model data in the Local Storage gives you great flexibility to implement all your offline data needs for your apps, but with this flexibility comes the need to do Data Synchronization between Database and Local Storage. 

To help you we provide samples for the common patterns for you to implement and adapt to your application specific use cases. But this involved building the patterns from scratch, making you lose productivity...

The good news is that we've listened to your feedback, and Development Environment features automatic generation of data synchronization actions for the most frequent patterns:

  • Read-only
  • Read/write last write wins

Just right click the Local Storage entity, and choose what pattern of data synchronization you need:

This will create a client and a server action that implements the synchronization pattern. For those that already seen the Offline Data Synchronization Patterns documentation it is like someone implemented the pattern for you out of the documentation! 

For the most complex pattern, (read-write last write wins), here's the client action:

...and the server action:

You can use these actions as-is, or you can customize them, to adapt and optimize them to your application specific scenario.

... and by the way, stars appear when you click in these new accelerators!   

We also reviewed the documentation of the Offline Data Synchronization Patterns and we've included an extra sample with a one-to-many relationship in local storage.

On top of this, the pattern samples are now fully functional so you can change data freely in the Database and Local Storage and understand how data synchronization handles those changes. 

Looks good?

Upgrade now to Development Environment, try this new stuff and give us your feedback!


  Good stuff.