Email sent from OutSystems Enterprise environment has the CSS in the mail body


I just started working on my first Enterprise Environment.

I have compiled and email and sent, but the email contains the entire CSS in the body of the email.

What have I done wrong?

It seemed very straight forward to compile the email.

I also attempted to use a link in the email and used "GetEntryUrl" then a normal "link" widget, but it did not work, the link text is just plain text in the mail and not a link.

I attach the email - the real email I compiled starts at "Dear OD Admin TCP"

The "Complete User Registration" was supposed to be the link.

Hi Elize,

From your description it's very difficult to make out what you were trying to do, and what you actually did. A assume you have made an e-mail screen () with the proper layout etc.? And you use an e-mail widget in your flow to send it?

Hi Kilian, 

Yes I created an email screen with a small email and use an email widget.

Then call it in the flow:

Well, that should suffice, I can't see anything wrong with that. I would assume then that the Platform does anything you'd want it to do, and that the problems lie elsewhere, e.g. at the SMTP provider or the receiver.


In case anyone else runs into this issue, here is the solution:

OutSystems includes the CSS in the email even though emails cannot handle style sheets. You have to use an empty style sheet for the email and preferably add in-line styles to your email. It seems if minimal styles used in the empty style sheet OutSystems will be able to convert these to "in-line" styles and not attach the style sheet ??? Cannot figure out why the main theme style sheet was included in the first place, but that is how it works.

So to solve the problem:

On the Emails workflow group (your emails must be in a separate workflow for only emails, if it is not do that first) select the theme "Email", OutSystems provides the "Email" theme specifically for the emails.

Now add styles to this Email style-sheet or add in-line styles, I tried a bit of both and it seemed to work.