Is it possible to have more than 1 modal on a page

Is there any way I can either have more than 1 modal on a page or have 1 modal but multiple web blocks inside and an input parameter or variable to determine which web block is displayed?

Hi Debra,

Both of the methods you listed would work. For having multiple modals, you need to make a copy of the ToggleModal action and add an input parameter and adjust the code in the action to toggle that specific modal. Otherwise, the current ToggleModal action will toggle all modals currently available to the page.

A good example of having multiple modals on a screen can be seen in this forge component, by Nelson 'PD' Freitas:

You could use this component or use it as a guideline to steer you in the right direction.

Let me know if this helps,


Hi Debra,

You could build a page with multiple blocks and an input parameter that will define which one will be shown. Then wrap each block in a container and use the container's "Display" property to specify which is shown. So for instance, if your input parameter is named "DisplayId", the first container's Display property could be "DisplayId = 1", the second "DisplayId = 2", and so forth.

thanks for both of those suggestions. I'll give them both a try. Thanks guys.