P10 Mobile - Error processing your request

Creating my mobile app I'm getting intermittent (yet persistent) errors when I tap the back button.  I go several layers deep in the menu, pushing mobile web screens to the stack, then periodically when I tap "<" and go to the previous page I get the error:

"There was an error processing your request" 

I click the "Reload" button, which then reloads the app.  I do have a sizable local storage that I have synced, so is this potentially a memory issue of some sort?  Is there potentially a leak in my code or is it something that others have experiences that may be a bug?

Hi Mike,

Can you check Service Center Error logs for more details?


I'm a little embarrassed to say what I discovered, but hopefully this may help somebody else:

I had debugged it in Chrome, and discovered that I was getting a "Maximum call stack exceeded" error in javascript.  This is indicative of an infinite or recursive loop, so decided to comment out the code in my OnRender action for the web screen.  I was simply doing a calculation, but I suppose in that calculation, the variable that I changed was triggering the event to rerun.

So, a word of caution: ALWAYS be aware and careful of what you are executing inside the On Render action on mobile.  If you have any error that appears to be a memory error of any sort, check those actions first.

Hopefully this helps somebody!



Which version of Service Studio and Platform are you using? We introduced a warning recently to help developers spotting those problems more easily. There's also a runtime error that clearly states that problem.

I'm using Service Studio, platform server version  I think this particular script that I had must not have been detected by that warning.

Can you share your oml?

I've already removed the offending code and have moved on, discovering a different way to do it, so I wouldn't have the warning anymore anyway.  Thank you though for your help and concern!