Editable Table: How to abort delete


I'm trying to abort a delete on an Editable Table when certain validations fail in the On Row Delete Action.

My validation checks work and I'm exiting the action without calling the entity Delete action so the record is not actually deleted but the row still disappears from the screen.

An ajax refresh causes an index out of range error.

How do I abort delete and have the row 'reappear'?



Hi Gavin,

I think you're gonna have to take a different approach here, and hide the delete button for the records that can't be deleted. This post explains how to do that: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/13337/editable-tables-what-if-you-dont-need-all-the-features/#Post62214.

I see what appears to be a custom server action in your screenshot, so you might have to replace that by a calculated attribute in your aggregate, or use a SQL instead.


Thanks Aurelio, all sorted with Paulo's code to conditionally hide the delete option on rows.