P10 - Mobile - Aggregate Data Paging

Hi, I'm newbie to Outsystems mobile development. I have a question:

When i use aggregate, how i can paging with large list data ???

Please help me. Thank!

PS: I using List Control , I see the On Scroll Ending event handle, can i use this to reload aggreage

Hi Dung,

There's several issue you have here, performance being the most important. On a server-side screen, you'd typically implement paging by refreshing the aggregate, for each screen fetching more data (e.g. for a 50 row table records, you'd fetch 50 for the first page, 100 for the second and so on), then displaying the data from the right start (0 for the first page, 50 for the second and so on). For mobile however, especially if we're talking server side data, that's a huge waste of bandwidth, as you need to pull in all the data, even data you already have available!

I'm not sure whether OutSystems has devised a specific pattern for this, but I'd handle the paging server side (so not with an aggregate but with a server action), retrieving only the new data needed and adding that to the list for the control.

Hi Dung,

Yes, you can use the list control's "On Scroll Ending" event to handle this. Just open the event's dropdown list and select the "(New Infinite Scroll Client Action)". The platform automatically creates a client action that takes care of all the logic for you.