visual identity - should I reuse London or migrate to SilkUI ?

Hi Guys,

   after understanding the features I am now moving to web site visual identity. It will be more professional and good looking. However, I am in doubt if I should customize my London theme or move to SilkUI. Someone could tell me the advantages and disadvantages to use Silk UI in this case ?

I attached the actual screen using London theme and the new visualboard using silk ui where I am preparing the new visual identity to the web site.

It seems I have to move all screens, web blocks and databases to the new Silk UI project and it does not seem cool ... :(

Thanks all


Hi Luciano,

Changing to Silk UI isn't that hard. If you go to Silk UI old website to the FaQ section, there is a topic "Can I migrate my app to Silk UI?" that explains how to easily migrate your application.

The easy answer to your question is the core value of Silk UI: "Easily build complex user interfaces using pre-built patterns and samples which look beautiful on any device." :)

Let me know if this helps you out.




Hi Rúben,

    I will work on it. 

Thanks so much