[DBCleaner] An internal error

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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden

When I login to the DB Cleaner and try to see the data entities that we are no longer using I get the error (
An internal error occurred and was logged.
Please try again later or contact the administration team.

Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Are yall doing an update

Was anything reported in the error logs in service center?

Hi Chris,

The user you are using to access the dbcleaner needs to be an administrator on service center. Without it is not possible to run the dbcleaner api related to data entities and this error is displayed.



well, would be great to see that error, instead of an internal error :)

Java stack problem with new features from Version 1.8.0, i'm getting the following error:

Runtime Error in eSpace 'DBCleaner': Error in advanced query GetEspaces in Preparation in EspaceVersionsList in MainFlow in DBCleaner (select {Espace}.*,         {Espace_Version}.*,         {Solution}.*,         {Solution_Version}.*,         {APPLICATION}.*,         {APPLICATION_VERSION}.*,         datalength({Espace_Version}.[OML_File]) / (1024.0 * 1024.0)            from {Espace}     inner join {Espace_Version}  on {Espace_Version}.eSpace_Id = {Espace}.Id        left join {Solution_Version_Reference}  on {Espace_Version}.Id = {Solution_Version_Reference}.Espace_Version_Id    left join {Solution_Version}  on {Solution_Version}.Id = {Solution_Version_Reference}.Solution_Version_Id    left join {Solution} on {Solution}.Id = {Solution_Version}.Solution_Id      left join {APP_VERSION_MODULE_VERSION} on ({Espace_Version}.Id = {APP_VERSION_MODULE_VERSION}.ESPACE_VERSION_ID and {APP_VERSION_MODULE_VERSION}.EXTENSION_VERSION_ID is null)    left join {APPLICATION_VERSION}  on ({APP_VERSION_MODULE_VERSION}.APP_VERSION_ID = {APPLICATION_VERSION}.ID)    left join {APPLICATION}  on ({APPLICATION_VERSION}.APPLICATIONID =  {APPLICA ...): ORA-00904: "DATALENGTH": invalid identifier