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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins
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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins

The IdP component allows your OutSystems applications to integrate with single sign-on (SSO) provided by most of the commercial IdP companies. To analyse and identify the performance of this component, we recommend the use of browser DevTools. With this, you can track all the requests, redirects and timings performed.

The following steps will guide you through the performance validation:

  1. Use Google Chrome to access, to be redirected to the SSO portal.
  2. Authenticate using the testing credentials. This directs you back to the app already logged in.
  3. These first two steps are going to create a session, so you can continue in a smooth way without having to enter the user credentials in the middle of the process.
  4. Change the URL to access the Users application and log out (log out in the Users app since you want to log out only from the OutSystems server).
  5. Open the Google Chrome Developer tools.

  6. Select the option Preserve log.

  7. Log in— leaving the login process running continuously without having to input the user credentials — and access again.

  8. Filter only the first part of the timeline to analyse the redirects and the related timings.

    Red - OutSystems redirect

    Blue - Identity Provider redirect

    A - Redirect from requested app to IdP eSpace to process the request.

    B - Redirect from OutSystems to Identity Provider .

    C - Internal redirect.

    - Internal redirect.

    E - Redirect to send the user back from Identity Provider  to OutSystems.

    F - Redirect from OutSystems IdP eSpace to the initial requested app.

  9. The picture below maps these requests with the three different entities.

With this you can check if all the timings are normal and where the process has issues. Also, the IdP eSpace includes auditing capabilities to track all the authentication processes. This will help you find and better understand the issue.

Let us know if you need any additional information or support.