Hello people

I'll try to be specific. If you go and try to use the Upload Widget on a Ajax Submit button, Outsystems Platform will give you a warning telling you that you should change your "Ajax Submit" to "Submit" in order to the Upload Widget to work properly. For "properly", it appears to mean that it doesn't work at all on a Ajax Submit, because I can't even see what type of file was uploaded. 

Now, I can't change my button to be a Submit instead of an Ajax Submit, because I don't want my page to be refreshed every singe time that our users enter a new line on the application. My question is, do we have a workaround for this? There is any Forge component that allows me to upload a file using Ajax submit? 

Thank you 

Hello Samy!

I think that this component might help.


By the way, the underlying reason for this is that the HTTP upload requires a POST to occur... but yes, it would be nice to see the Upload Widget updated to work more like we expect, and in a more modern fashion!