[Evaluator] Evaluator Installation Problem

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Published on 2018-05-22 by Alexsandro Gomes da Costa
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Published on 2018-05-22 by Alexsandro Gomes da Costa


I'am trying to install the Evaluator Forge Component, but the Outsystems generate an error message explaining that the component was not developped under the forge. The files are in a zipped file. Is there some workaround to do this installation?

Thank you,

Roberto Campos

Hi Roberto,

The .zip contains a .xif and an .oml.

Open the .xif (an extension module) using Integration Studio.

Then, open the .oml (an eSpace) using Service Studio.


Hi Joao,

I did this, but when I publish the .xif in the Integration Studio, it shows an error message. See the attached print screeen file.

Thanks for your attention,


Hi Roberto,

According to the error message, the component author didn't use the recommended method to upload the component to the Forge, and thus it is not ready to be installed in another OutSystems installation.

Maybe the author can fix it?


Thanks João,

I sent an email to Alexsandro, component's author, asking for help.

Best Regards,


To anyone trying to use this component unsuccessfully: try https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/419/math-expression-evaluator/ instead.

Sorry João, but the component that you referenced not is the same that I related a problem. The "Math Evaluator" only valids the formule sintaxe, but does not calculate the expression. In  "Evaluator", according with documentation, the expression is solved and the result is returned.