I have crippled my environment !!

When I start my environment, I get a "There was an error processing your request. Please try again later..." ... looking at the logs, the error is "Error creating tenant" ... probable cause is, I renamed the "Users" tenant to "Demonstration", but I cannot see how to rename it back from service studio, nor can I rename it using: https://smeloyalty.outsystemscloud.com/ServiceCenter/Edit_Tenant.aspx 

So now what?

Hello Ian,

Please email success@outsystems.com with your problem so that the team supporting personal environments can have a look.

Thanks Rul.  

Out of curiosity, how did you manage to rename it in the first place?

João Rosado

By crediting an edit screen for Tenant, and then applying the changes with UpdateTenant.  I reasoned that as I create tenants on the platform, the tenant might want a different name, so that's why I wrote the ability.  I just didn't know/realize that renaming "Users" would have such a detrimental effect.