How can I import HTML file into Outsystems

Dear All,

I have received PSD file from designer and created responsive HTML5 with CSS3, is there a way to import this website into Service Studio? I can only import images, no option to import the whole website and use it as a pre-prepared interface.

Sorry if this question was addressed previously, I could not find an answer.



P.S. Outystems 10 as version.

Hi Wojciech,

There's no such feature in the platform. Can you tell me more about your use case and share (PM) the page you're trying to build?

Hi João,

We have 3rd party design company that prepare for us interface design in Photoshop, then to validate it, we are creating HTML5/CSS3 website to check it on different devices. As design company does not use Outsystems, they focus is on visual design, such as feature could be nice. Most likely with mass import of graphics elements embedded. Is there any workaround for such as cases? Silk UI style/template design?

Thanks for quick answer.


Well you can import multiple images to Service Studio, using drag & drop. Open the images location in file explorer, select the ones you want and drop into Service Studio window (with and open module). For CSS you can reuse the CSS you built previously. As for the page structure you have to do it using OutSystems widgets.

question is more, why not create the html directly with outsystems?


This is straightforward; please keep in mind that design page (graphics layout and elements) were done by 3rd party that is not using Outsystems (they are using Photoshop), not sure if there is creative/web agency that, do graphics design directly in Outsystems, if yes - happy to learn name and contact...

Hi guys,

Should we create an Idea for this topic?


Vasco Pessanha

Sorry, misread your first sentence then.

"I have received PSD file from designer and created responsive HTML5 with CSS3,"

is to me, you got a psd file and you created html5/css3 with it.

I recently realised that we could circumvent the above situation by adding the HTML file to the resources section and access it and the only downfall is that we can't apply security settings(permissions) directly. However, we can validate credentials via rest web service call if required.

Hope that helps