We adopted the 4-layer Canvas model, resulting in many different modules in UX, EU, Core and Lib layers.

After changing things in the lower layers, this means that a lot of consumers are immediately marked as outdated, with accompanying Truechange warnings - and sometimes LifeTime deployment errors.

This can be solved by manually going into the eSpace via Service Studio, clicking manage dependencies, refresh, publish. Again, repeated for all consumers in the above layers.

A simple change results in many iterations of these actions, thereby defeating the whole rapid development cycle.

Is there any way to automate this process for multiple eSpaces? 

If are breaking changes, for example a new attribute on a entity or new a parameter on a function you have to update references via service studio for each espace.

If aren't breaking changes like change a description of an action or attribute or just change the code of an action is only needed to publish via service center. Is also possible to update via solution publish on this context.

Describe that suggestion on ideas section, a functionality like that would very useful.