Combo box from advanced query not selecting corresponding record's entry

I am populating a Combo Box from an advanced query because I want to filter out the values appearing in the combo box that was already used so it is not used again. The query works perfectly. The combo box displays only those items not yet used (not yet in the other table), but when I open an existing record the value of that record is not selected in the combo box.

Here is what it looks like in Service Studio:

Here is an existing record open and the Combo Box should select a value, but it only displays "-".

Here is screenshot of an existing record I opened and the combo box is just displaying "-" although there definitely is a value that should be selected:

I thought I should be able then to bind the identifier of the advanced query to the id attribute of the combo box, but the attribute "Source Identifier Attribute" is disabled, so I cannot set this.

Please, how can I fix this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Elize,

I think the reason that Service Studio disables the "Source Identifier Attribute" is because it can infer from the type of the Variable what identifier it is (if there's a single one). It would be nice though if it would actually show it, even if disabled.

I think the problem must lie in the way you set the Variable's value. Can you attach the eSpace so we can inspect?


Hi Kilian,

Thank you for taking the time to read my issue and respond. I have to apologize that I completely wasted your time, had a "duh" moment, it is late, I have a deadline etc..... you know how it goes. I have a Contract and to this the user can add items each with an ItemType but they are not allowed to add 2 items of the same type, so I need to filter the ItemType field in the details screen of the item to exclude ones already added to the Contract. I realized the problem, I am selecting all the ItemTypes for the combo box not yet added to the contract so that the user cannot add one that is already there, but off course when I am in the details screen of an existing item and it selects only those not yet on the contract, then the current one's ItemType shall not be in the list and cannot be displayed in the combo box field. I made a fix for this with an "if" and if it is an existing item it selects only this item's ItemType for the combo so that it displayed, the user can anyway not change this value in an existing one, it has to be deleted and a new one created, then if it is a new one (id is Nulldentifier) I select all the ItemTypes not yet on the contract, I place the result of each in a ItemTypes list local variable and bind this to the combo.

Thanks! :)


Hi Elize,

Now I understand what you mean :). Thanks for the update!