Best way to construct set instances?

Alright.  I have a static entity with a number of record (basically an enum).  I want to put a selectable set of these on an item.  More then one record can be part of the set, but each record should be part of the set at most one time.

I see that the list box allows me to display a list of records and toggle a isSelected field on them.  I would guess this is the best way to display and manipulate the set.

My question is, what is the best way to create the lits of statc records instances to display and store the resulting selections?

To make this concrete, Imagine I have a static entity with records with the label s {Book, CD, eBook}

Now imagine I have an order record where I want the user to be able to select and store which of these he is ordering.

(This is a simplified example, my example is more complex and has many more enum lables)


Okay I figured this out after  looking at some examples.

(1) Make a static entity thta is your enum of all set options. Mak sure your set options have a selected boolean attribute
(2) Use ListRecords with the statci entity to display a checkbox and label per option.  
(3) Set the checkboxes based on your own data structure that stores which are checked
(4) On change of the check box, update your data structure