Want to remove particular attribute from serialize xml.

Hi Everyone,

                    I want to remove a particular attribute from my serialize XML, replace function is not working so i am using a regex replace, but not able to create a regex to delete a particular attribute, can anyone help me to create the regex expression. 


Rajendra Singh

What are you using to serialize the xml?

João Rosado wrote:

What are you using to serialize the xml?

Hi, i am using the Serialization RecordListToXml to convert record list to XML. i am using it because if i am using  RecordListToXml then the result XML is not getting open in browser.

So from your reply you are using the "Xml" extension, right?

Then I suggest you to either use the "Xsl_Transform" action to do a transformation on it, or to use the "XmlDocument_*" methods to XmlDocument_Load, XmlDocument_SelectNodes, XmlDocument_Remove and XmlDocument_Save your Xml Document with those changes.

It isn't properly easy to do it that way, it would be better if the records that you want to serialize didn't have that attribute to begin with or to use something like the "XMLRecords" extension that gives you a bit more control over the serialization that the "Xml" extension does not.

João Rosado

Thanks João Rosado

     If i am using the XMLRecords extension to convert the record list to XML, then i am not getting the xml in name value format, which is the current requirement, and XML need to be generated based on the Field which user will select (Dynamic XML), the user can select maximum 200 Field, i am able to achieve it by using xml extension but if the user is selecting the maximum field then i am  getting the performance issues, Coz its replacing all  structure field value with user selected value,

So my question is, is it possible to get the xml format which i have attached by using the XMLRecords extension.