Hello everyone,

As you all know, Silk UI is now supported in OutSystems 10! Not only the Web / Responsive version, but also a whole new shiny Silk UI Mobile, for the best native mobile experience.

Silk UI Mobile is automatically installed on cloud development environments and is accessible on Forge for on-premise installations. 

To ensure integrity, Silk UI Web, Silk UI Mobile and all Templates are not visible in Service Studio 10, but you can still clone it and view the source code, similar to what happens with Rich Widgets.

When creating new web or mobile applications Silk UI Templates are customized with the selected primary color.

As for mobile apps, say sayonara to the Tokyo template. Silk UI Mobile gives you three templates to create awesome mobile applications!

The Silk team is working on the continuous improvement of both platforms. We also want your feedback! If you spot anything or have any suggestions, don’t be shy and drop us a line!

If you want to know more about Silk, read Silk’s documentation in the Knowledge Base.