1. How do I create and set values for Global Variables in OutSystems P10 (Mobile app).

What go you mean with global variables? Session? Site? Local?

I mean Session Variables.

On a mobile device you don't have a session. 

You can make a local database (or web) and store the value into it or pass it through in each screen/action.

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This seems like a work around with bad practice. It means I would have to make request to the database each time I need the variable. 

That's not a work around, thats mobile (-:

Local storage is quick enough I think.....

You can attempt to create a global javascript variable by creating a javascript that sets this.variablename, then another function to retrieve it.  However, I would caution you because I'm not sure about that type of variable being persistent when the app closes and reopens.  You would need some rigorous testing for your use case.

I would also advise you to use local storage.

If the values don't change, local storage sounds like overkill.

Just create a function GetGlobalVars that assign the constant values to a strucutre, then invoke GetGlobalVars().Structure.Value as needed.


Check out the plugin Shared Preferences.


 This plugin uses SharedPreferences on Android and NSUserDefaults on iOS.


Use the SHARED PREFERENCES Plugin available on forge that use native features like Shared Preferences & NSUserDefaults to store key values pairs on Android & iOS respectively. 

The One which we have published Shared Preferences Plugin if you would like to check this out. 

Just like we use the Shared-Preferences with native for storing local & permanent session or values across all screen, you can use this.