When submitting a form, is there any runtime property or other statement/function that tells me if one or more fields have changed?

What I would like to do is check if anything has changed without testing old_value <> new_value for every input field on the screen individually.

I know other development environments do have this functionality, but I can't find a similar one in OutSystems (hopefully not searching good enough :-))

Hi Charles,

Unfortunately there's no flag to quickly check if anything in a form changed. Can you tell me more about what you're trying to do?

You could for instance, serialize the record of the form into json (using the json node) and compare the result against the json serialization of the original (source) record.

Hi Joao, thnx for responding.

I have a screen with more than 20 input fields (see below), and when the Save & Send button is pressed, I only want to do some actions when 1 or more of the input fields have actually changed. If no fields have changed, then I can display an appropriate message.


Hi Joao, as you suggested I used the JSON serialize function present in version 10. I serialized the original record and the Form record, and compared both results before further processing the Form record. And it seems to work. 

I haven't performed an extensive test yet, but do you or anyone else perhaps know if  there are possible pitfalls I have to deal with? For example, serializing specific data types, default values, whatever?