Date entry does not validate format if dashes missing

I'm doing the basic training. I am using browser IE 11 on Windows 10.

I have a date field (Date of Birth). I can enter a date like this


and when I save it, it saves correctly.

If I enter a date like this


when I save it, it gives me no warning, it does not reformat it, and it does not save anything.

This seems like poor behavior. If I enter something and it does not fit the format, I expect an error. Further, I would expect a better date widget.

I checked the SAVE action and it has the standard exception handling that was put their by default. 

Can anyone reproduce this? You can test it out on my test application if you like (if it is up when you try this)

Just add or edit a person and try to change the date.

This occurs in IE 11 and the Edge browser. 

Does not happen in Chrome cause I cannot enter dates in Chrome (I posted a separate message on that).


Hi David,

The platform does offer automatic validation of Date fields. To use it, change the "Validation" property of your "Save" button to "Client & Server" or "Server".

For "Server" validation, you're gonna have to check the Form's "Valid" runtime property in your Save action. More details here:


Thank you, Aurelio. The "Client & Server" validation option on the Save button does what I want. The server-side stuff seems needlessly complicated. Too bad that don't do all that for you magically. I suppose I could request an enhancement for that if it becomes an issue.