GetEntryURL in the Destination of a link

I trying to set the Destination of the link in the email. But Iam not sure how to set the identifier as the input parameter.Below are the list of input parameters of the page.

So I am trying to pass the parameters using GetEntryURL as 

"http://" + Site.PageDirect + GetEntryURL("RiderRouteEditCreate","iCommute","WantsWithdraw",False,"ViewRouteEdit",False,"RouteId",NullIdentifier(),"ViewRiderEdit",False,"IsAdmin",False,"RiderId")

I am not sure how to set the RiderId as it is the Dynamic here. Can anyone please suggest me how can I approach this.

Hello v

Not sure if you're aware, but you don't need to do that in your emails. The platform will handle the link generation for you...