How can I change my app's text font, I'm trying by putting the font files in resources and placing the the call through url in the CSS style sheet.

However I'm getting a warning that the resources won't be loaded on offline mode, and they don't work in online mode as well.

Hi Hugo,

Iirc, I made it work just like you desribed. Did you specify "deploy to target directory" for your resources? Did you include a @font-face to your CSS?

Hi Kilian,

I did both, resources with target directory and @font-face.

Mmm, weird then. I can't recall having any problems with that approach. Where and when does the warning appear?

You are right, that triggers the warning. I checked my app, and I did one thing different: I put the font definitions in a resource as well (fontdef.css) and included that with an @import in the CSS. I can't check right now whether that just suppresses the warning, or whether that actually solves the problem :). (I can't even recall whether that warning is even valid, but I assume you have checked it doesn't work?)

I'm trying the CSS @ import but everytime I check the resource loading behaviour the url is getting an "extra" folder called "css" like this "server/espace/css/folder/resource.css" and the right one is "server/espace/folder/resource.css"

I just opted for a /css subfolder (and a /fonts subfolder for the fonts), so I didn't have that problem.

Thanks Kilian!