Try to upload oml/oap file from 1 account to another account without successful

Hi Support team,

When I tried to upload one of my oml file from my personal environment to another enterprise account. I got the bellow error. I think we should allow to do this?

Invalid Intellectual Property: You are trying to Upload or Publish a Solution that was created in a Platform Server with a different License than Development and its Intellectual Property is Protected.
You cannot Upload or Publish Solutions with Protected Intellectual Property that were created in Platform Servers with a License different than the Development one.

Please let me know if there's any way that allow me migrating my work from 1 account to another enterprise account?


Thang Nguyen


Just to complete the above post, if this is between Personal Environments it won't work.

hi João,

Thanks for your answer. I will check it now. Will back to this topic once I make this job done.

Thang Nguyen