Getting GPS periodically with LocationPlugin

I'm building a mobile app that should gather its GPS location every 1 minute, preferably even when the user closes the app. I use the LocationPlugin.

My first thought was to use a timer, but that doesn't work with Client Actions. I found another post from someone with the same challenge, but using other components. Is this solution also usable in my case?


Hello Leen.

The Location Plugin from forge has events whenever the location changes. Check the LocationTracker block.



Hi César,

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Regards, Leen.

Hello. How to set timer to gether position once a minute?

Hi Vyacheslav,

You don't need a timer because you can trigger on a location change. In the event handler you can then decide whether you save all these positions (could be a lot of data) or do it with a certain interval.