Hi, I'm having trouble with some weird menu behavior. Sometimes it shows the icons and sometimes it doesn't, as you can see in the images below:

Inspecting the page, I notice that when it hides the icons, <div class="Page windows chrome pt DublinTheme landscape desktop small MenuHideIcons" data-silkversion="2.2.0">, and when it doesn't, <div class="Page landscape desktop small" data-silkversion="2.2.0">.

How it decides which classes to add? And why would it add different classes when the environment is the same (OS, browser, desktop size, etc.)?

I'm using OutSystems 9.1.603.0 and SilkUI 2.2.0.

Hi Rodrigo,

If the size of the browser is always the same, It seems like a bug. I'd recommend to contact OutSystems support reporting the issue.

My regards