Using different emails for 2 different apps in the same protected enviroment

Hello there.

I'm trying to set the configuration of the server and email in an enviroment (OutSystems10). There are different apps in this protected enviroment and I want to have a different email for each app, but there's no option to do that in the Service Center. I don't want to have to create other enviroments, neither use the same email for all the apps.

Is it possible? 

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Fábio Almeida

I'm having the same issue..


It's not possible, afaik. Platform e-mail is put in a database table and sent by a spooler. There's only one table and a single spooler that uses the configured e-mail settings.


Added an idea for this:

I keep hitting this issue with multi-tenant apps before and it never occurred to me that we need the settings to be done more granularly than at the environment level...


You all mean a different domain? Because you can use different addresses in each email. That is more than enough to distinguish apps.

In multi-tenant I'd say they should receive from the app, not from their company, but here I understand there may be other issues and each case in different.


We're talking about SMTP server configuration, not "From" e-mail.

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:


We're talking about SMTP server configuration, not "From" e-mail.

Yes, I thought that. I never tried to use OS to send emails from other domains, but you can use the same SMTP for several domains, as long as you define the domain with the proper SPF and DKIM.