Is it possible alter the style of Outsystems "Now"?

Is it possible alter the style of Outsystems "Now"?  Specifically, I am wondering if it is possible to hide the navigation bar on the bottom part of the screen?  I want to create a form where an end-user cannot navigate around.  I had thought that holding two fingers would be where such a navigation option should exist.

Hello Ian,

which OutSystems version are you using? With 10 you can build your own very, very easily. Maybe it's the way to go.

Hi Ian, 

The Outsystems Now code is available for free for iOS and Android for you to change. However i agree with Pedro, P10 is already out and you can create something very cool and very fast!


João Sousa

Well, as a longer term strategy, I want to build a mobile version of the software that can work off the grid, but in the short term Now! is available now, and was wondering if there was some simple configurations we could do to it to hand that lower "navigation bar".

For me it's all about where I spend my time as the lone dev.