Disable some values in a combo box

Disable some values in a combo box



I have a data source that returns order periods. in the record list that I use as a data source for the combo box, I have a boolean field that tells if the period is enabled for ordering. I want to represent the boolean value in a combo box, as enabled or disabled items:

the values in the combo box, that have a value FALSE must be disabled in the combo box, just as the value 2017-03:

I know that this can be achieved by adding 'disabled' in the HTML. 

What I do not know is how I can manipulate the outsystems combo box, to achieve this behaviour.

Anyone knows how this can be achieved? is this possible?

Unfortunately this is not possible, as far as I know.

That's not possible with Outsystems default combo box. The several drop down or combo box on forge but none of them seem to have that feature.

You have two options, develop a new combo box component with that feature or remove the disabled items from drop down.

Well, you could try to muck around with injecting HTML or the like, but I'd advise against it. Just drop that use-case :).

thanks for the replies. I'll try another approach