Webinar - Sleek, Smooth, Beautiful: Introducing Silk UI Mobile

Creating beautiful UIs is every web developer's dream. With Silk UI Web, it’s a reality.

But what about mobile developers? They have dreams, too.

That’s where OutSystems 10 comes in. Along with its many other amazing capabilities, OutSystems 10 offers Silk UI Mobile, the cool new way to create sleek and smooth UIs for mobile apps.

Join us on December 15th at 2 PM GMT for "Sleek, Smooth, Beautiful: Introducing Silk UI Mobile" a webinar that showcases the new Silk UI Mobile in detail.

In this webinar, you’ll:

- Learn about Silk UI Mobile and how it can change your life

- Build an app from scratch using Silk UI samples

- Get insider tips for using the full power of Silk UI Mobile

Course available here